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Global Challange

2010 Entries. 

1. ICFC Handbook at White Hart Lane - 24th March 2010

2. Bob in Capri

3. Bob and Chris Baker from the top of the CN tower in Toronto

4. David Mayne at K. Lierse S.K. - Belgian 2nd Division Champions 2009-10

5. Mont St. Michel, Brittany, France - 19th April 2010

6. Bob Baker kisses the badge as he is attacked by a giant M&M in Las Vegas.

7. ICFC mug at the top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy - 11th September 2010

8. ICFC mug at the Angel of the North

9. ICFC mug at Edinburgh Castle

10. ICFC mug at the Forth Rail Bridge.

10. ICFC mug appears in a 'Knobbly Knees' contest!


11. A true legend who attracts people from all over the world just hoping for a sighting next to the Loch Ness Monster November 2010

12. Ben Nevis, Scotland November 2010

The winners for 2009 are:-

1st picture no. 16 entered by Dave Harding

2nd picture no. 14 entered by John Taylor    3rd picture no. 21 entered by Martin Tytherleigh


Thanks to everyone who voted We will be continuing with a new Global Challenge next year. Keep a look out for details next year.

























The idea of the competition is for photographs to be submitted taken anywhere in the world and containing an item of ICFC memorabilia (shirt, mug, pennant, key ring etc. – whatever you choose). Your photograph should contain something that identifies the location where the picture was taken as well as clearly showing the ICFC item.



Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 entries judged through on-line voting (see below) – consideration will need to be given to the photograph taken in the location furthest from Icklesham Recreation Ground, the most famous place or just the most unusual or funniest entry.



The competition will run until the end of 2009 and all photographs submitted will be put on the website. Towards the end of the year you will be able to vote for your favourite entry to decide the prize winners.



Prizes will be announced in due course (once we have thought of them!).



All entries should be e-mailed to the Club at ickleshamcasualsfc@hotmail.com.






Competition Rules

1. All photographs must contain some sort of ICFC memorabilia.

2. There is no limit on the number of entries per person.

3. Genuine pictures only (as seen here!) – anyone entering a fake or mocked up photograph will be automatically disqualified, called before the ICFC Disciplinary Committee, heavily fined and banned for 3 matches.

4. The judges’ decision is final.

5. Other rules may be introduced during the term of the competition as we think of them.







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